Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Kitten Love

I know I mentioned in a previous (long ago) blog post that the week before Christmas we had kittens in the house.  Well, it was certainly a couple months of adventure!
On the one hand, kittens are of course, absolutely adorable.
But they get into absolutely everything.
We kept them in a bathroom for a long time, until they managed to get over the gate, no matter the modifications I made to it.
Three kittens of the litter of 5 made it.  We have kept one - the grey one.  His name is Alf. No not the alien.
He is also known as Alfred and Alfster and Alfie
It's hard to be a kitten.  It requires lots of sleeping - even in odd places.

The two tabbys went to a classmate of my daughter, so we get occasional updates, which is fun.


Needled Mom said...

They do have a lot of energy, but are so cute.

sewyouquilt2 said...

so adorable. the Alfster looks happy and is so durned cute!

Regina said...

Reading this post made my eyes itch! Down with kittens!