Friday, March 17, 2017

Family Friday 3.17.17

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Seeing as I married into Irish, we always do a bit of celebrating.  Tonight we'll be heading to a party - with kids.  Should be fun.

It's been forever since I've done a family Friday - so let's do some catching up.

We got the snow from the storm that came through earlier this week.  Near the lake they got close to two feet.  We got around 8" or so.  Today its melting.
Basketball season wrapped up and we've moved right into baseball.  Baseball tryouts were in between the last basketball tournament games.
With the freakish warm weather we had for a while we did some yard/woods clean up and had our first bonfire of the year.  Goodbye Christmas trees.
WD got braces put on.  I think it makes him look older.

I've been bottling (and selling) honey.  More on this another time.
Part of our Christmas present from my parents was a night at the water park.  We went last Friday.
Tomorrow is Si's 7th birthday. He requested fish for his birthday dinner. Seriously.
And so we are busy.  But when is a family of 7 not busy?

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Regina said...

Is that E with the floaters on? Dang, I remember when she was a wee little lass!! (we trace Irish on my dad's side, thus my choice of words.) I didn't know you bottled honey? I used locally sourced honey to help with my allergies. I would be very interested in becoming a regular customer. I usually get mine at craft fairs and farmers markets.