Thursday, January 12, 2017

Really Random Thursday 1.12.17

Quick!  A blog post, while I have a few minutes.  Crazy that I can blog 6 times last week and barely get to it this week.  Part of it is that I don't have a lot of sewing that I can share right now.

I spent all day sewing Saturday at studio sewing time with other quilters.  9:30-8:30, stopping a bit for eating.  But I can't really show you any of it.  SECRET SEWING (not the kind that gets published, the kind that gets gifted) The above picture is the best I can share.  Overall there will be 30 blocks - all fusible applique - stitched down.  It takes a while!
In other sewing news, I did make my first ever New York Beauty block.  Practice for our new Gridster Bee (I may have shared this already)  I also made the bee blocks.  I'll share them soon.

And also for sewing, I made my first week of the Temperature Quilt 2017.  We had temps ranging from 43 to -2 Fahrenheit.  I think this week will be just as diverse.
 On the kitten front, they are more adorable everyday.  They are starting to explore outside of their "nest", but are still confined to the bathroom for safety.
 They are also rather camera shy, and I don't want to blind them with the flash, so somewhat hard to photograph.  The above is two shots each of two of the kittens.  One wouldn't look at me. They are already developing personalities, which is interesting to see.

 I shared my new plan for meals on IG.  The kids drive me crazy asking (5 times) everyday.  It is also good because it helps me plan my weekly meals - no last minute "What am I going to make today?"  Someone suggested a kid might take over and write in McDonald's (Culvers in our case)  but instead, this happened:

Burritos is definitely a favorite around here.

 At work Mr. Riley always has flavored water in the cafeteria - and the kids always want to know the weird combinations of the day.  I opened this at Christmas and initially thought I wouldn't do anything with it.  But it is rather fun to try out different infusions.  So far my favorite is strawberry.  I suppose it gets me drinking more water, too.

One last sewing thing.  I'm trying to do something with these extra lighthouse pieces.  They are all set to be quilted into minis.  Perhaps I'll push on tonight.

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Needled Mom said...

The kitties are so cute.

Your first NY Beauty block turned out so well.