Thursday, December 1, 2016

Double Pinwheel Blocks and Quilts - Three Finishes

Finally sitting down to write up some posts.  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving (US).  I've enjoyed these past few days between Thanksgiving and Dec 1.  They've felt like a gift of extra days.  Now that December is here, its off to the races!

On to the subject at hand.  You'll remember I was doing lots of prep work and basting the week that our power was limited.  Then I did a bunch of quilting.  Over the holiday weekend I finished up four of the quilts.  Three of them are related and I'm going to talk details today.
 You will remember this quilt from a few months ago?  It was a gift for my niece.  The pattern is called Snowballed Pinwheel from Missouri Star Quilts.  I had enlarged it to use 10" squares instead of 5" charms.  When I did that, I knew with a bit of extra sewing I would be able to make extra blocks instead of making throw away fabric piles.
 Here are the pinwheels before the snowballs are added. 
 Each corner got a brown snowball.  Now, if you will notice I didn't just sew the corner to corner line, but added a second line of stitching.  This line should be .5" from the first, to leave you with two 1/4" seams.  So basically I sewed around each block twice.
 Then you can cut off those extra pieces that you've sewn.  I like this picture, coffee, phone and quilting.  Pretty much my life.
 This is the Snowballed Pinwheel block that went into the original quilt.
 This is what the bonus blocks turn into.  I ended up with a pile of blues and a pile of pinks.  They've been waiting around to be finished into charity quilts.  I made three.
 The blue one.  Finished around 50" square.  (my niece claimed this one, as well)

 The pink one. 37" square.

 Pink & Blue with big borders. 30" x 38".

  They were all quilted with a big meander.  I quilted each one in about an hour.  The bindings were all put on by machine.  The batting varies between the quilts.  I did do some frankenbatting - same types together!

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