Monday, December 12, 2016

An Unfinished Project - Shirt Pattern Fail

 A short blog post to let you all know that not all I attempt is perfect.  Seriously.  I get all kinds of comments about what I sew, how great it is, how I do it with so many kids, so on and so forth.  And so.  A project that will remain unfinished.  Forever.
 I was super excited for this top.  Saw the pattern on someone else on IG and thought it was quite flattering.  Found the pretty fabric at Joann and scooped it up.  Originally thinking a shirt for Thanksgiving.  That didn't quite get done, but when I finally got a chance I cut it out and started sewing. 
 I cut a large, which is what I typically wear for clothes off the rack.  And.... its awful.  I constructed both layers to the point that I could try it on.  It is huge and unflattering.  I did try to take it in along the back seam.  No go.  Its like a frumpy maternity shirt on me.  I'm not interested in messing around with all the pieces or starting over, so  I am bagging up the pieces and the pattern and sending it along to the thrift store.  Someone else can finish and wear it.

On to better, more fun, and more productive sewing.

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africanaussie said...

Oh How frustrating - I have been there, and really the best thing to do is exactly what you have done. I sometimes keep failed projects in my stash and keep pulling them out to try to fix - never going to happen!