Thursday, October 20, 2016

Really Random Thursday 10.20.16

 Not a lot of sewing going on since the pillowcases.  Actually, none.  Some buying and cutting, though!
 My sis lives down the block from a "modern" quilt store.  That is a dangerous thing when I'm out to visit her.  I picked up a few things to round out some future planned projects.
 I had saved my honey "rinse water" and today discovered that it was fizzy and somewhat fermented.  I'm not sure what to do with it now.....  Did I accidentally create a mild mead?
 No sewing yet, this week, but some cutting and planning.  Working on the next words for the Spelling Bee quilt.  All those squares have to be snowballed onto the corners.
 Our next Four-in-art challenge reveal day is quickly coming up - gulp.  A couple of back ground choices here.
 I pulled this sweater out for Mini to wear today.  It was made for E by my aunt.  It's made it through all 5 kids!
 Fall is here!  The leaves are falling.  Sweeping is needed pretty much daily, now.
 Got some books in the mail this week.  That may be contributing to the not sewing.  Hmmm.
 Lastly, this past Tuesday was Parent Night at school for Volleyball.  Yep, she's tall.  5' 9.5" as of yesterday.  She is also the youngest on the team!  Go Cougars!  (also, rare shot of Mr. Riley, from whom my kids obviously get their height)

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