Friday, October 21, 2016

More Improv Letters and Words - The Spelling Bee

 A post to catch up on the Spelling Bee Finishes - I don't have to make the quilts, just the blocks/words.

You can see my first set of words - January through July *Here*
I also wanted to add that the book I've been most referencing to make these letters is Quilt Talk by Sam Hunter.  She even has paper pieced patterns for the letters if you don't want to do them "freehand"

 My most recent finish (last night) is Good and Popcorn in warm colors.  Makes me want to make a whole cozy quilt in oranges and yellows.
 July's block was the word black in Crimson.  There is a mind blowing quilt in the works!
  The August block was Gerald.  The bee queen is doing a quilt of her siblings.  How fun!

September was my month, so the words that I have requested are coming in.  They are all bee keeping related.  I'll share them when they are all in.

Linking my block finishes with Crazy Mom Quilts.


maggie fellow said...

Those are really neat - I ordered the book thanks

Needled Mom said...

Looking great!