Thursday, September 22, 2016

Upcoming Projects: Quilts and Clothing

 A glimpse of some up and coming projects I've got in the works. 
First up will be a signature quilt for a friend adopting a girl from China.  This is their second adoption from that country and are there Right Now.  The quilt will not be done when they get back.

 I am using two jelly rolls of Gooseberry by Lella Boutique
 And lots of signature squares.  Lots and lots.  More than I anticipated.  This is a good thing!

 When I was in Pella, IA in August I stopped in their local quilt store, lovely place!  And picked up the above pattern.  I think it will be my next hand work project.  I didn't buy any fabric because A. I have so much and B. I have a ton of blue and blue and white.  Case in point:
 These fabrics came out of my mother's stash.  I've never known what to do with it, so I think I'll pair it with the Dutch embroidery.
And lastly I picked up this pattern and fabric at our new Joann Fabrics today.  I was disapointed in my treatment: basically the lady at the cutting counter assumed I didn't know what I was doing - hate that.  But I'm thinking maybe this top for Thanksgiving?  I've got a whole pile of clothing patterns and fabric I'd like to get to.

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Judy H said...

I have found the staff at Joann stores less than 'stellar'. Between shorting me on fabric because "I know how to cut fabric" to not knowing wool from cotton, I have to take aspirin before I attempt a visit there. And we don't have any other choices in my town.

But love the top fabric.