Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Matrix Quilt: Hooray for Hollywood

Our Guild Quilt Challenge was due last night at our meeting.  This year's theme was "Hooray for Hollywood".  I've known since it was announced in January what kind of quilt I wanted to do. 

I started it Friday.

You see, I've been working diligently for the last month on WD's birthday Minecraft quilt.  I was doing the last of the quilting on Thursday when I decided two things. 1. The Minecraft quilt would not be done before his birthday and 2. I really wanted to make the Matrix quilt.

 So, I did.  I found the Matrix font online, downloaded it and created the design in Word.  Then I transferred the design to the Silhouette program. (I got it last Christmas)
 Then I put a paper backed iron-on fusible on the black fabric and ran it through the cutting machine. 
 I did four 12x12 blocks of black fabric and then a 6 x 12 piece for the words.
 I pieced them together after peeling the paper, so no ironing seams!  Then I fused the whole black piece to a piece of green ombre.  Starting the top at the dark.

I spray basted the three layers, and then pinned over the top a neon green netting.  I bought that on Sunday!  Did the (roughly) straight line quilting on Sunday night and put the binding on Monday afternoon.  Ready for voting at 6:30 last night!
 In a fun twist, the backing is about as opposite from The Matrix as you can get, but I'm all about using things up!  It finished up at 22.5 x 23.5

*I did some Google searches before I started, but I couldn't find another Matrix quilt, so I might quite possibly have a one-of-a-kind quilt here.

*At the meeting last night one of my fellow members exclaimed "Rachel! I know the Matrix quilt is yours because you're such a nerd!"

*You can find the Wikipedia article on The Matrix Movie here. - There were actually three, plus other franchising, as well.

*It's going to go hang up in our garage upstairs, where Mr. Riley plays games with friends.  I can't wait until they see it!


Catherine said...

One of my favourite films. But this quilt! - you are a genius :-)

Unknown said...

I am breathless just reading about making this quilt. You are awesome.

Regina said...

So that is your quilt!!! I had no idea but I was very impressed with it. It got one of my votes!!!