Wednesday, September 21, 2016

WIP Wednesday 9.21.16 Minecraft Quilt

Ready for a completely up-to-date and accurate WIP Wednesday?  This is what my table looks like Right Now!
 If you follow me on Instagram (rachel-thelifeofriley) you've been seeing these blocks as they've been finished.  I started quilting the quilt last night.
 WD, second child in the family, requested a Minecraft Quilt for his birthday.  Minecraft is a VERY popular game, available on all platforms.  All of my kids (sans youngest) play it.
 There are many Minecraft Quilts out there.   (Stick)
 WD chose which 12 blocks he wanted and we I designed them in EQ7.  The game is 8 bit, so pixelated in appearance, which gives rise to easy to make blocks.  (diamond pick axe)
 Well, sort of.  They are really  16x16, which I originally thought I would piece all as squares.  (insert manical laugh here).  I think that is probably why I put it off for so long.  I knew it would take FOREVER to make a single block.  16x16 = 256.
 So then I got the brilliant idea of doing horizontal strips.  It has worked really well.  A single square finishes at 1.5".  The blocks themselves finish at 24". (redstone)
 (apple)   The whole top is done, the quilt basted and I've started the quilting.
 (sugar)  FYI Not all the blocks are pictured here.  I'll save some for later.
 (coal)  The boy's birthday is Saturday.  I'm working toward finishing by then, but seriously, no guarantees. 
 (stone sword)  The funniest thing?  As I started quilting last night, WD says "mom, what are all those white thread lines you're putting on there? Not that I'm complaining...."  so I had to explain to him why quilts have quilting, and when it was all done, they wouldn't be very noticeable.  At least I hope not....
 (Steve)  I want to know why he's cross-eyed.  He was the easiest block, though, because WD didn't want him pixelated, thought he looked too weird.  I still added some interest in his hair, though.
(creeper, unfinished)

It's a rainy day here, and I've got no where else to go besides picking up kids from school, so maybe I can get lots of quilting done.

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