Wednesday, September 14, 2016

St. Louis Whirlwind Trip

Just three short days after coming home from "Up North" (filled with unpacking, laundry, and repacking) we turned around and went the opposite direction.  South to St. Louis.

Mr. Riley and I had gone in February for his birthday, and he really wanted to bring the kids.  So on our way to Iowa (I know!) we did.

 Fun house mirror at our dinner stop.
 The view from Monk's Mound at Cahokia - across the river from St. Louis.
 The main reason for wanting to take the kids was The City Museum.  It is truly a remarkable place.  I didn't take many pictures, because we were busy exploring, climbing, getting stuck and getting lost.  Here Mini is building with giant Legos.
 Si and Mini in one of the biggest ball pits I've ever seen.
 E in the Hamster Wheel.

 The place is full of art, sculpture, architecture, nature collections, a circus, and so much more.  Even after two trips I'm sure I haven't seen it all.

 The floors are artwork in themselves.  I want to make this quilt.

We stayed at the Union Station Hotel.  Very cool.  The outdoor pool is built in the area where the trains parked to pick up their passengers.
 The lobby floor.
 Relief work by the restrooms.  Also would make a gorgeous applique quilt.
 The ceiling in the main lobby.  Here they do nightly shows of music, pictures and lights. 

Next up is our trip to Iowa - and some sewing involved.

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OPQuilt said...

Glad you had a fun trip, and were able to look at all the decorative details, too! I love those old places that have been given a new life. Now I have another one to add to my list.