Friday, August 5, 2016

Quilter's Rummage Loot

   A couple of weeks ago my local quilt guild had a summer potluck and rummage sale.  Members were encouraged to bring in items for the $1, $3, $5 table and silent auction.  The guild wins in three ways.  Stuff members don't want, bought by members who do want, with proceeds going to the guild.

I'm going to share my loot.
 $1 books.  Seriously.  Look at this quilt by Caryl Bryer Fallert.
 1985, and I've gotta say, looks awfully modern to me.....

 Another $1 book and a friend saved Sunday Morning Quilts for me.  I've enjoyed reading through it.  Whether I get to any of the project is another question entirely.
 From the silent auction table, 5 Cherrywood hand dyed fat quarters!  Didn't want to let that one go!
 Some Hello! Kitty flannel fabric and iron-ons.
 More flannel.
 So yeah, some of the Christmas Story panels.  I don't really like the movie.  I have two extended family members who love it. 
 And lastly, which takes the most explaining; A pattern and half finished quilt. 
 There was a bag on the $3 table that said pattern, fabric, and blocks done.  I started looking at it and could resist. 
 Again, not on the top of the list, but really shouldn't take long to finish up.  I think the paper pieced bugs will probably take the longest.  

 Have you gotten any good deals, lately?

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