Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Three Quick Quilt Projects - Finished!

 Between Saturday afternoon (when the package came in the mail) and last night (Monday) I did three samples.

 Table Runner #1. Great for showing off that large scale print.  The whole center is one piece of fabric. Size 14"x36"

 Table Runner #2, done in just two fabrics for a lattice effect.   19.5" x 38"

 Third, a mini quilt.  15"x15"  This one is a Stripology Design by GE Designs - Gudrun Erla


Regina said...

Is that Stripology quilt quilt as you go?

Unknown said...

Beautiful quilt! I'm a beginner quilter and have a hard time sometimes figuring out how thing are put together. Did u appliqué the design on? Or cut it out of the quilt? And what do u mean by "quilt as you go" thank you.