Thursday, April 21, 2016

Really Random Works In Progress 4.21.16

 Lots of Works in Progress, or Works About to be in Progress, or even Works  I'm Dreaming Of around here.

 Starting to make plans for this year's Renaissance Faire.  These won't all get used, but at a dollar a piece, its worth picking them up.

 The above stack is for E's dress.  The one on the most far right in the first picture.

 I'm working diligently on my next Four-in-Art project.  Colorful Music.

 As I work on the FIA piece, I am using these bonus blocks from my last quilt as leader-enders.  A "free" quilt all around.

 I picked up some cheap tops for Mini yesterday.  I am planning to match them to stash fabric and whip up some shorts.  She has none, and we had some very warm weather on Monday.  Time to plan for summer.
 I did my word for April. All the words are knitting themed.  That 2 was difficult.  The letters are getting easier, though.
 Have you seen this new kit from Dritz?  Make your own Espadrilles?  I am all over that! Can't wait to get started.

What are you working on this week?  Or dreaming about?

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Regina said...

Rachel get out of my head!!!!! I have been wanting to try that Espadrilles kit since I first saw it but I'm a chicken!