Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Earrings & Bracelet

 This project started when I found the "semi-precious" stones in a clearance bin at Joann.  I picked them up for a small amount of money and thought I'd put together a bracelet. 

 So I did.  I haven't pulled out my jewelry stuff in ages.
 Of course then I needed earrings.  The don't completely match, but good enough.
 I've actually worn the earrings more than the bracelet. 
 I made them using my original tutorial found *here*.  Which, incidentally is my number one visited post, ever.

Also, the lovely wooden box was made by my Dad for Mr. Riley.  You can find more of his work *here*.


Mindy said...

Pretty! ...the jewelry AND the box. =)

Catherine said...

They're realy beautiful!

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

They are beautiful and the box looks wonderful too. You're a very talented family :)

OPQuilt said...

Lovely! You really are a woman of many skills.