Wednesday, February 17, 2016

WIP Wednesday 2.17.16

 Welcome to WIP Wednesday where its been all about the words this week.  Honeybee and needle are for the February and March blocks respectively for the Spelling Bee Quilt Bee I'm in.
 Yep, I'm working ahead.  It really is easier to do the letters the more that you do, so since I had the tools and book out, I thought I'd get done what I could.
 I also made a word for me, my month isn't until September, but I've been working out what kinds of words I want to ask for.  This may give you a clue.
 I'm also working on draft blocker, at night, with bad lighting.  The fabric is plastic coated from IKEA.  It got put on hold after the weekend, because I had to acquire some sand to weight the ends.
 See those little patches?  There are magnets in there.  I am hoping that 7 magnets will help the front door blocker stick to the metal front door, so we don't have to kick it back in place all the time.
 Lastly, this is actually E's WIP.  I loaded up on $0.99 patterns at Joann the other day.  The penguins caught my eye, but E is going to make the elephant.
 I pulled some fabric choices for her today.  Can you guess her favorite color?

I guess there is no link up anymore, so now whose going to keep me on track???


Needled Mom said...

I LOVE your blocks, Rachel. The bug fabric in your honeybee is perfect!!! LOVE, LOVE the needle too.

Those plush fabrics are going to make such cuddle-able toys.

OPQuilt said...

I can't believe you are working so far ahead on bee blocks--you put me to shame! I love that variegated color in the honeybee and the fussy cuts, and the needle fabric background is wonderful, too. Can't wait to see wait you'll pick. I guess after January's hard start, you've really gotten the hang of this letter stuff--I love yours!

Regina said...

I'll be interested to see how that elephant sews up for E.