Thursday, January 21, 2016

Really Random Thursday 1.21.16

 I mentioned that I may have a quilt finish for today, and I do, but I don't have it photographed, yet, so thanks to Cindy, its Really Random Thursday.
 The aforementioned quilt finish.
 It's been cold.  This was Monday.  School was cancelled (more for the wind chills).  We went to Ikea, anyway. :)
 Caught this little Junco outside my sewing window.  It kept switching feet.  Like I said, it was cold.
 This is Rory Cat.  Her person was gone all weekend, so I got some warm up cuddle time.
 Mini finished up the hummus for us yesterday.  She really likes hummus.  More than the pita chips.  Can you say double dip?
 I made some very small fusible applique.  So many projects and ideas, so little time.

 Started out trying my Inktense pencils last night.  So much fun.  Color by number on fabric, and I get to choose the numbers!
 Eldest son earned new shoes.  I can't even donate these....

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