Monday, January 25, 2016

Color Wheel Quilt: A Finish

 I know I've been promising this finish for a while, and here it is!
 I'll give the official stats first:
Approx 36" square
Batting: Thin cotton by Pellon (soft and crafty, I think?)
Fabrics: Yes, all sorts, all from stash.  White is a Kona Cotton
Quilted: Domestic Machine, by me.  Top thread is Invisifil polyester in white, bottom is Aurifil cotton in cream.

 This quilt was started in a class I took on January 4 about using the color wheel in quilts.  We were to choose a focus fabric and build our blocks using the color wheel based starting with that focus fabric.  My focus fabric is the dark blue.  All the squares and cornerstones.
 This is the color wheel we were given to use in the class.  It is hard to tell from the pictures (seriously, why is it always sunny where the famous bloggers live?)  But my blue fabric, turned out to be "Blue-Violet" on the color wheel.  This is where I learned my first lesson.  Color names are arbitrary.  It wasn't part of the official lesson, but its what I decided.
 Here is the other side of the color wheel.  It is truly a handy thing.  See that part in the middle with the arrows, triangles, square and rectangle?  That is the tool that we used to build each block.  You start with the focus color and follow the lines to find your various color relationships.

At this point, if you don't want to keep reading, that's cool with me.  I am going to go through each block and its name.  Mostly for my own records.  If you scroll to the end, you'll see pictures of the back and a couple outtakes.
 POLYCHROMATIC:  This is the fancy way of saying Rainbow.  Yep, got each color on the wheel in there.  This particular block also happens to be on the back because I apparently didn't follow the instructions correctly (I'll get to that later) And so I used it as part of my lable, thus the writing.
 ANALOGOUS: That means I used colors from the two colors next to my focus color plus the tint of my focus color (white added) to make this block.

 COMPLIMENTARY: What you get from the opposite side of the color wheel.

 TRIAD: The evenly spaced triangle on the color wheel produced this block.  So every fourth color on the wheel.
 SQUARE TETRAD: Four colors, each corner of the square.  Every third color on the wheel.
 RECTANGLE TETRAD #2: Depending on which corner of the rectangle you start on depends on which four colors you end up with.  This is where I didn't follow instructions, I made blocks with the two different Rectangle tetrads.  I rather like this one.  Springy.

 RECTANGLE TETRAD #1: See above.  Not my favorite.  But interesting, I suppose.
SPLIT COMPLIMENTARY: The tall skinny triangle on the color wheel.
ANALAGOUS CLOCKWISE: The next two colors to the right of the focus color.  Blurry, but hey, you don't need focus to see the colors....
MONOCHROMATIC: This block is the focus color with tints and tones.  As the colors get lighter, you can see more of the red influence, thus violet.
These pictures, with and without flash show the corner on purpose.  The block is the focus fabric.  The binding is a completely different piece of fabric that I used to finish the quilt.  Its hard to see in the full quilt pictures, but they are actually different.  Its just the start of all the color things I want to talk about and explore.  More on upcoming posts, I think.

The back.  Just using up fabric!
My key on the back of the quilt.

Outtakes.  E wouldn't hold up the quilt for me until I told her I was just going to start taking pictures of her.  It worked.

Quilt plus Dog photo bomb.

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Needled Mom said...

It looks gorgeous. Which block is your favorite?