Wednesday, July 8, 2015

WIP Wednesday 7.8.15

Yep.  Finally sitting down to write up some blog posts.  And since today is Wednesday, lets do a WIP Wednesday.

Seriously, I feel like I have a hundred things that need to be sewn.  I'll have to make a list again, to help me get a handle on things.   And perhaps find the ones that can be let go. 

Two Have To Do Projects: Samples
 I've got the applique bits cut out, time to start assembling.

 Next up, my leader/ender project.  I think I've shown it before.
These are the pieces laid out.  I've got two stacks of rows done.
I finished one sample block so I could see it.  9x9, so 81 pieces per block.
I picked up some more French General Reds, not specifically Chateau Rouge, but close enough.  This will enable me to make up more blocks than the 7 I've got laid out. 
Still working on E's Flip Flop Quilt.  The shoes themselves have all been zigzagged with a clear Poly.  I am now doing the circles on the sashing.  Marking takes longer than quilting.....
There is, of course, the perpetual hexie project.  I basted 212 more during our trip south.  I've now got the rest pinned and ready to baste.
 And I've even got Hexie Baby all quilted up.  I am going to try a faced binding to preserve the hexagon edge.  Just need to trim, and pick a binding. 

Next up, to write a couple posts on finishes! 
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the momma said...

goodness, you are a busy gal! Your hexi quilt looks super!
I've heard of 'leaders and enders' but until recently, hadn't ever used them. (and I still don't regularly, as my sewing space is so small, and truthfully, often cluttered ;-) The one project I used them for, though, went sooo fast! My quilt has alternating wonky stars and 16 patch blocks, and it felt like the 16 patches were practically making themselves! When I get my new sewing space, I will definitely utilize L&E regularly.
Happy sewing ~ Tracy

Roben said...

Love the colors in your leader/ender project, and am in awe of your hexi project (I wouldn't have the patience for it!) Beautiful work!

Tu-Na Quilts said...

My goodness you are a busy mom and still find time for sewing projects. I do like your itty bitty squares. I'm working on a postage stamp of 1" finished squares and I'll mix in some 2" ones for interest. Have you tried sewing hexi's together in the seam allowance by hand instead of using papers and basting? I saw a tutorial recently on it and am about to start a hexi project and want to know if there is preferred method or not.