Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tripping South and a New Dog

 We've been home for over a week, and I'm just now getting a chance to sit down and rest.  Here is a small selection of pictures from our trip. 
First we stopped in Memphis overnight for BBQ and a hotel.  Then Vicksburg on our way to New Orleans.
 Overlooking the battlefield at Vicksburg.  Mr. Riley was quite thrilled to be here.
 A restaurant in New Orleans.  We ran through a down pour to get here, and then had to be sat at separate tables.  Girls vs boys.  We spent two nights in New Orleans, walked around, ate amazing food, visited a cemetery, and managed to spare the kids from anything too scary.
 Finally, the beach! We stayed along the Gulf in Alabama, right between the Gulf and Mobile Bay.  Good thing.  The waves were huge, with warnings the first couple of days.  After the baby got knocked down by the first wave, she had a total fear of the ocean.
 So we went to the bay side where is was calm and warm. 
 We went to Pensacola for a Blue Angels show and to check out the Naval Aviation Museum.  Very cool.
 The kids caught numerous sand crabs, and we even played with them in the bath tub one night.
 We were just down the road from Ft Morgan.  Mr. Riley bought this map.  I think it could make a brilliant mini quilt.
 There was "housewife" at the Ft. Museum.  Looks like silk!
 We also visited the USS Alabama Battleship in Mobile Bay and USS Drum submarine.  My boys were in heaven.  E did an obligatory shot for me.

It was a good trip.  Lots of sun, sand, salt, and car rides.  Vacation always makes you appreciate home!

And the day after we came home?  We got a new dog.  This is Loki.  Maybe 11 months?   We think he's a German Short Hair pointer mixed with lab?  Or shepard?  A good friendly dog, but he certainly needs some training.

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