Wednesday, July 15, 2015

WIP Wednesday 7.15.15

 WIP Wednesday once again.  I feel like I hardly got anything done, but I guess maybe the pictures tell the truth.

Really, I should have these samples done, but definitely by the end of the week!

 All the applique is done, they each need a bit of embroidery before the quilting commences.  Quilting is probably the fastest part on these little wall hangings.

 I've been sharing my space with a Lego builder all week.  He is trying to get it finished up today.  We've got to clear the table for a birthday dinner.
 A mess of threads from applique and Legos!
 I did finish the quilting on the Flip Flop Quilt.  Threads need to be buried, trimmed, and binding added.  E should be able to do most of that!

 I will start my next Four-In-Art project once the samples are done.  I will use my selvages for the first time ever!
 Birthday Girl!  Two years old today!

Linking with Lee.

The list, revised and expanded.

 1. Sample Project  DONE
2. 4-in-Art DONE
3. Temperature Quilt DONE
4. D's Quilt
5. Tree Quilt  DONE
6. Wreath Quilt DONE
7. Red/White Mini DONE
8. DA Quilt
9. Hexie Baby - QUILTED
10. Guild Challenge Quilt - Thirteen
11. Central Park
12. Charm Parade
13. Wisteria Crayon Challenge DONE
14. Flip Flop Quilt - QUILTED
15. Two More Samples - DONE
16. Four-In-Art Round 2  DONE
17. Two More Samples
18. Modern Tree
19. Four-In-Art Round 3
20. Grey Challenge

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ClotheslineCottons said...

Wow the big 2 today, Happy Birthday! I love love love that pumpkin.