Thursday, June 4, 2015

Modern Tree: A Flimsy

 Its funny how you don't notice the breeze until you try to take a picture of a quilt top.
 This is my Modern Tree.  The name isn't terribly exciting but I don't know what else to call it right now. 
 I drew up the design in EQ7 back in February, but its taken me a while to get all the parts put together.
 These shots are all of the front, but the light makes the seams really noticeable.
 The squares are 6" finished, so right now the top is a little over 60"x60"
 The colors are all Kona Solids and the whites and creams are mostly white on whites or white on creams, with just a few solids thrown in.  I purchased all the colors and the whites are all stash.
  Below is my one back shot.  Doesn't look that much different from the front!
 I collected all my dog eared snippets from this quilt (and another one with purples) in a bowl my dad made.  It was kinda hard to throw them out.  But I did.

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