Thursday, January 8, 2015

Four In Art Upcoming Challege

This year my Four-In-Art Group is trying out something a little different.  We have agreed to a year - four quilts - with the same Main Topic of Literature.  But beyond that, the rest is up to us.  I have found this to be rather difficult.  I generally do better when I have a challenge that I have to meet, rather than create my own challenge.  This is also true for deadlines for me.  No deadline, and the quilt may or may not get finished.

So. After much thinking and brainstorming I've decided that I'm going to work with Fairy Tales.  At this point it will probably be one story per quilt.   I am thinking that I would really like to try some sort of Collage Quilting.  I've been reading a lot of art quilt magazines and also Sew Somerset, both genres I find very inspiring.

The reveal for this next round is February 1st - so make sure to tune in and see what I've managed to come up with.

It will definitely be something to do with Little Red Riding Hood.

Look at this wonderful illustration of the story by Edward Gorey!  Check out the detailed quilt on Grandma's bed.  She was obviously a quilter.


Vicki said...

Boy, this does sound like a difficult challenge. You'll do fine, I know!

Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

I think the fairy tale theme will be quite nice and offers so many possibilities. Good luck. I'll be cheering all of you on this year from the sidelines.