Wednesday, November 12, 2014

WIP Wednesday 11.12.14 - A complete List

As we enter the last 7 weeks of the year (I'm serious people, check your calendars), I have gathered up all my projects and we'll see what I can bang out to finish.  I've learned to not make gifts for Holidays, especially Christmas, too much pressure, so these are just projects that I'd like to get done and most likely, out of the house.

 At the top of the list is the only Have To Get Done project. My mini for the IG mini swap.  I need to figure out what to do.  Do you see the bottom edge?  Yeah, that was just bad planning on my part.  All the pieces are appliqued on, but I didn't give myself any room to work on that side.  Still mulling it over.  This needs to be in the mail the first week of December.

Next up are two tops that I haven't shown on here, yet.  Only on instagram.
 My Charm Parade quilt top.   I've decided to float the center with a dark binding.  I've even prepped the matching binding already.
 And a fun panel that I'm planning to hang in the girl's room.  The pink in the back will be the backing.  It is exactly the right size.
 So now for a complete list of everything in the To-Do pile.

1. WD's quilt.  Top is done, back is prepped.  Need to baste and have WD do the quilting.
2. E's quilt. Top done.  Back needs prepped, baste, quilt, bind.  E needs to help as much as possible.
3. Girl's adventure panel.  Baste, quilt, bind. (already made binding!)
4. Central Park Quilt. Baste, quilt, bind. (already made binding!)
5. Large Bricks Charity quilt. Baste, quilt, bind.
6. Small Bricks Charity Quilt. Baste, quilt, bind.
7. Purple column charity quilt. Baste, quilt, bind. (already made binding!)
8. Fish charity quilt. Baste, quilt, bind.
9. Circle of Life Panel quilt. Baste, quilt, bind.
10. Charm Parade. Baste, quilt, bind. (binding already made!)
11. Downton Abbey Quilt.  Quilt. Bind.
12. IG mini swap.  Finish piecing, baste, quilt, bind.

Whew.  I'd best get going!
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Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

Oh say it isn't so . . . 7 weeks. My year has definitely not gone according to plans. And I'm with you on not making Christmas gifts for the most part. i did years ago but like you said . . . too much pressure. Good luck finishing up your lovely projects.

Vicki said...

That is a list! I thought that my 3 flimsies by the end of the year was ambitious... Just piece the borders for the jewel quilt, it will work!

OPQuilt said...

I'm loving that diamond appliqué quilt. It will be stunning! And seven weeks? You are such a killjoy (I have to start teaching again next semester after enjoying this semester off.) But it's good to remind myself what I need to focus on and get done. Good luck with all your cool projects!!