Wednesday, September 10, 2014

WIP Wednesday 9.10.14

Happy Wednesday!  We are having a rainy day here in the Upper Midwest, which apparently will be ushering in Fall-like weather later today.  Love it!
On to the WIPs for the week.  After the major finishes for the 100 Blessings quilt, I'm doing some quick and easy projects.

 I'm using up the left over pieces from the blessings quilt to make up some charity quilts.  Many people gave me way more than I needed.  I'm pretty proud of getting the binding ready for the one on top!
 This fishy-beachy one is still in progress.  Needs some borders to enlarge it a bit.
 I worked on my baby hexagon quilt at my small stitch group Monday.  Hexies are my only hand project right now.  Look, its almost done!  Really, a half hour of concentrated stitching would get it finished.  Then I have to pull papers and figure out how in the world one finishes a hexagon quilt.
 And finally, I'm working on a pattern for the ig mini swap.  I'm thinking I can do this with a combination of EPP for the center and paper piecing for the diamonds.  I need to do a clean drawing and get the lines thinner and lined up better.  Then time to pull fabric.

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Lissa said...

I love the baby hexie quilt, it is fabulous!

Vicki said...

Busy, aren't you? That diamond pattern looks way complicated. You go girl!