Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Scrappy Left Overs - A Finish!

 Yesterday I talked about the finish of the 100 Blessings quilt.  This is a finish of some of the scraps from that quilt.  In the picture below you can see how I cut each donated fabric.  They started as 10" squares.

 The 2" corner square was for the scrap book the 8" square was for the quilt and that left me with two 2"x8" rectangles.
 I didn't have quite as many rectangles as squares from the Blessings quilt, for a few reasons, but I started playing around with a scrappy design and ended up with this layout.  140 rectangles.
 Plugged the hole with the red from the Blessings quilt.
 Added a border to tie it all together.
 I did some loose wavy quilting along every other rectangle.  I tried to not over quilt it since it is supposed to be a love-y quilt and should be more soft.
 The back and bindings are a fun turquoise from my stash.

This one finished up at 41" x 48"
I'm having fun using my machine to embroider labels.  The thread was probably too thick, but its legible, at least.

 And because I just couldn't resist, I also made a dolly quilt :).
 16" x 16" with flannel for the batt.
Quick, fun and easy!  And you could play checkers on it!


Vicki said...

Oh Rachel, these are such pretty quilts! How fun that you used every last piece. That red center really gives this quilt a happy quality.

Mindy said...

They're so great!