Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Weekend Getaway, Galena

Last week our oldest two kids were at camp and my parents offered to take the younger three for a couple of nights.  So, Mr. Riley and I hightailed it out of town and headed to Galena, IL.  It is a small tourist town on the banks of what was once a large river and important steamboat stop.  President Grant also used to live there for a while. We stayed at a lovely B&B that we had been at 8 years before.
The wall of clocks was the same,
 but I immediately noticed some changes.  Quilts!

 and cute little sewing vignettes.

 Turns out that the ownership changed hands a couple of years ago. 

 And one of the new owners is a quilt maker.  We had a nice chat about quilts. 
 All those pictured were made by her!
 And, the Inn offers quilting retreats throughout the year!


A Quilter's Mission said...

Oh Rachel, this is so lovely. Looks like you need to plan a retreat with some of you friends.

Regina said...

Rachel, what is there to do in Galena? I am looking for a weekend getaway.