Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Odds And Ends Wednesday

 Temperature quilt.  This is July.  It really hasn't been that hot.  Only two days above 85 degrees Farenheit.
 The top so far, January through July.  E was holding it backwards.  I didn't notice until editing.
 I mentioned we were in Galena, IL last week.  There are a handful of antique stores there.  In one I found some hexies that I had to rescue.  They are strung together on thread with a rusted needle, complete with cardboard template.  It was with the instruction sheet. 
 The instructions are not for English Paper Piecing, but that is probably what I will do to complete the top.  It is obvious that the yellow is for the center of the flowers.  I will have to count the other patches to see what is supposed to be petals vs. background.  Actually, now that I think about it, probably the patterned fabric is the flower.
There were also two orphan Dresden Plate blocks that I didn't rescue.  And a ton of quilts and one beautiful top.  None seemed outrageously priced, but I certainly couldn't buy them all, and at this point they would just live in the closet, so I thought it best not to buy any.
And a bit of happy mail for me.  Haven't even cracked it open yet.  Can't wait to read it.  Don't know if I'll ever make a house, but they are so stinkin' cute.

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Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

The temp quilt is coming along nicely. As you finish up the year it should have a nice balance of warm and cool.