Monday, June 16, 2014

Let's Talk Hexies - An Update

My slightly larger than 1" hexies are ready to assemble.  I've got them laid out and numbered.  I did not bring these along to Florida, because they no longer fit in my small box.
 I did bring my slightly less than 1" hexies with.  They have all been paired up and I am now working on quads.  This stack is 111 quads.  Only about 400 to go.  They actually go together quite quickly, as I did all of these to, from, and in Florida.
I also pieced a couple of teeny flowers.  They were hexies left over from my Owl quilt from last summer.  I got tired of them floating around, so I put them together.  I'll probably save them for labels, or something.

 Speaking of our trip, here is Si soaking up some rays on the back deck.
 We also stopped in Huntsville at the Space Center.  This particular missile that the kids are in front of is the kind that their Grandfather used to work on in the army.
It's good to be home, although a little strange, too, for some reason.  Time to get back into the non-standard schedule of summer activities.

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