Wednesday, June 11, 2014


The local quilt guild that I am a member of, Lighthouse Quilters, has been asked to have an exhibit of quilt at one of the local art galleries at Carthage College.  This is super exciting for us and a great opportunity to have our work shown besides our biennial quilt show.  The dilemma?  What to submit.  Because our guild has over 100 women we have been advised to submit either One large bed quilt, Two medium quilts, or Three small quilts.

The woman curating the show who is doing the jurying in of the pieces is not a quilter.  She does want a wide range of quilting styles, and things that are visually pleasing.  She also said not to ask our family what to submit, but to ask other critical quilters.  So here I am asking for your opinions.

I have decided that I do want to submit my Queen Anne's Lace for sure.
 My Step-mom suggested the Wisconsin Gas building.
 I've also been considering my dragon or my ombre quilts.
 If you have an opinion, I'd love to hear it.
 If you want to check out my pages of quilts that I've made, the tabs are are at the top of the page.  Keep in mind, I have given away most of them!

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vagabondindigo said...

I am going to limit my choices to the ones you posted pics of in this posting.
Thinking about this from a non-quilter perspective I would think something visually striking that would catch your attention from a distance would be a really good choice. That one is definitely your dragon. It also appears to demonstrate a few techniques that are very easy to see and would keep both the quilter and the layman looking.
Second choice would be the gas building. Again, very visual, and lots of things to look at from a technique stand point.
Its funny - the queen anne lace is one i really love both artistically and from a quilters standpoint, but i would wonder if it would seem too simple from a laymans point of view.
Really gorgeous though, i very much love your blog and seeing what you create. :)

oh, and i changed my mind and went and peeked at your finished quilts. Some other choices if available - sun fire art quilt (seriously cool!), and the maps mini art quilt. love them both!