Monday, May 12, 2014

This and That

We had an absolutely gorgeous weekend and Mother's Day.  Our family picked up sandwiches after church and headed to the park to eat them.  Then a trip to Target for a new frying pan for me, and Legos for everyone.
 I've figured out that if you tell them to do funny faces first, I can generally get one good picture after that.
 My lovely children!  Almost done with school!  Just four days for the Kindergartener, and 8 for the others.
 I also did a bit of sewing yesterday.  The first days of May for the Temperature quilt.  That red day with the dark red stripe?  Record hot that day.  88 degrees Farenheit on May 8.

 I also received a bunch more fabric on Sunday for the 100 blessings quilt.  A few more this week and I'll have them all.  Then it will be time to sew!  I will start pressing and cutting this week.  I am needing to start attaching the squares of fabric to the scrap book pages.  After some experimenting, I will be sewing them on. 


Live a Colorful Life said...

I have all my fabric picked out. SO excited. I added an extra "hot" fabric because we will definitely have some days above 110. Yuck.

Mindy said...

Great kiddo pics, and great fabric. Looking forward to seeing the progress!