Monday, May 5, 2014

Quilt Show Observations

Two weekends ago I visited one of the local quilt shows.  Less than an hour drive, so I guess that makes it local.  I thought I'd share a few pictures I took.  They aren't the best because of lighting and also, the hanging layout of the quilts make them hard to photograph in their entirety, sometimes.

 The show theme was 'Red and White', so these are a few that caught my eye.
 I thought this sampler was really cool.  I wish I could have gotten a picture of the whole thing.
Sometimes the simplicity can be the most striking.
This one is made of hexies.  As much as I love hexies and like this quilt, I'm not sure I would want to go to all the work of EPP that many white hexagons for background.

On to other quilts in the show.  The above has hexagon framed decorator fabrics.  I really neat idea.  Her notes talked about how the quilt just kept growing.
 A group of friends exchanged 3" stars.  These were two of the four quilts there.  Love these.
 Diggin' the blue zebra.

 I took this picture because I think it would be a fun quilt to do and a great way to use up strips.
 The least scary, cutest grim reaper I've ever seen.
 This was E's favorite.  I brought the girls along for a day out.
 Oh, the quilting.  Need I say more?

 Appliqued circles and beautiful quilting, just lovely.
I took this picture because it is made out of some of the Dutch fabrics I was showing here on the blog a couple weeks ago.

 This one was called "My Garden".  Since I seem to be collecting some fruit fabrics lately, I thought this was an effective way to put them all together.

Now, this next set of pictures is from student art work at the school where the show was held.  I thought them rather appropriate considering the quilt show.


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Mindy said...

Wow--a lot of incredible talent there. I'm blown away!