Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Temperature Quilt Update, April Showers

 I believe I already shared the above picture, the first part of April.
 Here are the last days, April 22-30.  Cool and rainy, but that's what makes for May flowers, right?
 All of April put together.

 The first four months of 2014.  I love how this top went from being 1/4 done, to 1/3 in just a month!  I'm also loving the sudden color changes of warmer weather.
And because babies are (sometimes) cuter than fabric, here's my cutie today.


Alison V. said...

She sure is a cutie! :)

vagabondindigo said...

The more I see this quilt progress the more I love this idea. i am thinking about doing one myself starting when i moved to the NW end of 2012. I figure that plus this year will make a nice big piece with fabulous color changes. Love your fabric choices!

Mindy said...

Awww! She's ALWAYS cuter than fabric! (Especially if she's not throwing tantrums yet...) =)

Love that rainbow look--the quilt is coming along beautifully.

Vicki said...

Oh my, she is a true sweetie pie! Love your temp. top so far.

Sarah said...

She's beautiful! Such a happy baby it seems. Love how your quilt is progressing, and that you're getting some warmer weather.