Thursday, May 22, 2014

Really Random Thursday 5.22.14

It seems like Random Thursday is about all I can do lately.  Lots of busy-ness and lots of time spent outside.

Last Thursday evening was the Kindergarten Graduation for WP.  In general I think the idea is a bit silly, however, these kids put on a whole program of songs, memory verses, reading, spelling, math and a play.  Their teacher is really quite amazing!  As are the kids.
 The theme was "Grumpy Bird".  The teacher makes all the balloon art.
 A small class.  Just 5 Kindergarteners.

 The day after graduation is always a trip to the local zoo.  I took Si and M along, too.  The kids got to brush the goats.
 Saturday I took E to the ballet.  It was wonderful!  Not that I've seen a lot of ballets, but this was my favorite.  It is brand new, developed by Micheal Pink here in Milwaukee and new music as well.

 One of the best parts were the costumes.  I ended up purchasing a set of note cards that have the concept drawings on them.
 Claudia is the 'evil stepmother'.

 In the wedding scene of Snow's father to Claudia, there was a wonderful nod to the Disney version of Snow White in the costumes of the towns people, they were very reminiscent of Disney Snow White's blue and yellow dress. Follow the link *here*  This will take you to the page of Todd Edward Ivins who did all the stage and costume design. 

 I suppose that's enough random for now.  Maybe, just maybe I'll get to sew today.
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Live a Colorful Life said...

Great randomness--which is all I do either on my blog. *sigh* That balloon art is really cute. And those costumes from the ballet!