Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tuesday, After Memorial Day

I hope you all had an enjoyable Holiday weekend (here in the States).  We were plenty busy.  Saturday we spend the day at the lake front (Lake Michigan) participating in some Brazilian Jiu Jitsu activities, cooking out and playing at the beach.  It was really too cold for swimming, but that didn't stop WD!
 Si climbed on the rocks.
 And M took a snooze.

Sunday we went out to my Dad's to celebrate my birthday.  Received some wonderful gifts and had a  good time with my family.
 I came home to work on this bag.  Well, it's getting there.  Hasn't been the easiest construction, but I'll talk about that when its done for a real post.
 I've also got all the fabrics so far in my possession for the 100 Blessings quilt cut out and ready to go.  Just waiting for a few more....

I've also got all the plants in that I'm doing this year, I think.  Definitely all the vegetables, might get some more flowers after I get some of the edging put in. Today is hot and sticky and no fun, so perhaps I'll work on the edging tomorrow. 

School ended last week, this is the last week for Ballet with a performance this Sat and Sun, and we leave for Florida in 12 days.   WD's first baseball game is tomorrow and Si has begun violin lessons.  A combination of slowing down, but still busy! 

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