Monday, March 31, 2014

Southport Quilter's Show

 Whew.  Spring Break is over.  The older three are back in school.  The youngest is sleeping and Si is quietly playing.  It is so quiet in the house.  I forgot what this was like.

Last week, while the kids were off, we went to the Kenosha Public Museum to see a quilt show and the exhibits.  The Southport quilters put up a display/show each March in one of the Museum's rooms.

 This first set of pictures are small challenge quilts based on songs.

 I really should have done a better job of getting the names of the makers, I'm sorry.
 "Crocodile Rock"
 "Irish Lullabye"

 The theme of the show was "Fun and Funky".
 Beautiful Bow Tie quilt.  Those squares are 1".
 That means those triangles are teeny.
 WD liked this one.  "Looks like Minecraft"
 There is something wonderful about a room full of quilts (even if they are a bit blurry).  WP really liked the one hanging from the ceiling on the right.
 This one is hand quilted.
 Someday I will learn how to do this...
 I was really intrigued by this idea.  Cutting up a panel and putting it back together.  As I'm looking at it, it must take two panels?  Anyone know?
 Wonderful scrap quilt.  I should do something like this.  Goodness knows I've got the scraps.
 And a little patch made by WD in the museum's kids area.

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Mindy said...

There's some seriously beautiful work there.

You'll have to get him in on the No Girls Allowed Quilting Bee! =)