Monday, March 24, 2014

Sharks and Super Heroes

I sort of fell off the blogging wagon last week, didn't I?  Not for lack of things to blog, mostly for lack of time.  Its been busy around here, and now the kids are off for Spring Break.  A break from school for them, not a break for mom!  We've got some fun things planned for the week, though.

Today I want to show you two custom bath towels I did for my younger boys.
First up is Super Hero Si.
 Making these is super easy.  I just used a hand towel for the hood and a regular bath towel for the rest.  I used ones that were already in my possession, so the colors are a bit off.  I wonder if they used to match....
The fabric bits are just quilting cottons that I used some Wonder Under to apply with satin stitching around the edges.  This was a Birthday present for Si.  He loves it.

After I had the mask on, Mr. Riley suggested cutting out the eyes.  Brilliant!
Next, I made a shark for WP.  The teeth are made of flannel to be a little softer around the face.
(why I will never be a famous blogger: I didn't even bother to clean up behind the boys before I took the pictures, let along staging!)

I used two wash clothes for the fin.  I probably should have made it larger, but WP seems happy and I'm not going to go back now.
I think the shark looks a little more like a cute monster, but it works.


Mindy said...

Love these! Adorable.

Vicki said...

Oh Rachel...these are sooooo cute!