Tuesday, March 25, 2014

McCalls 6501

 E choose McCalls 6501 for me to make for her.  "Sure, no problem" I said.  It says "easy".  Well, this dress kicked my butt.  It must have been the fabric I chose.  I mean its not like I am an inexperienced seamstress, but this whole project was a pain from start to finish. 
 The flounce was the biggest problem.  Making that tiny hem along the edge was not fun.  I do know that the best solution would have been a rolled hem with my serger.  The two problems with that are: I didn't have the right color thread, and I don't feel super comfortable with the machine.  So, I got the flounced hemmed, basted and then sewed the seam.  See that picture on top?  Somehow I didn't catch one piece in the seam.  Grrr.  The fabric is too fine to unpick all that sewing, so I made a tiny little gathered piece to cover it up.

 It turned out OK.
 I did lengthen the dress by 9 inches as well.  This probably wasn't the best style for such extreme lengthening, but E says she loves it and we had to meet dress code standards.
 The arm holes ended up a bit too deep as well, but a cute sweater helped with that problem.  I also ended up lining the dress, which isn't called for at all in the pattern, but the fabric was just too sheer and lightweight not to.  The lining actually worked out really well.  I just made a second dress, with out the flounce and did a shorter, regular hem.  I attached the lining at the under arm seams before the neck band was attached.
 My best discovery?  I used a thin piece of ribbon as a hem tape and my hem turned out pretty well. 
E is happy, and that's what matters most!


OPQuilt said...

I'm totally impressed that you are doing some sewing. I love the color of the fabric, and bravo for figuring out a "fix" for the hole at the top. I have two lengths of linen for skirts and do I ever drag them out of the closet to sew? Nooooo I'm always quilting, so I wear old clothes and call it good. I should follow your example!

Mindy said...

She looks great! Well done!

Vicki said...

This color is so perfect on her!