Wednesday, December 18, 2013

WIP Wednesday 12.18.13

 The last WIP Wednesday before Christmas!  I've got all my 'have to's' done!
 M's stocking is done and waiting to be filled...
 Reindeer Games is quilted and hung.
 I would love to get this quilted and hung for Christmas, but I'm OK if that doesn't happen.  It's not even basted yet.  I've got some more decorating around the house, and then its cleaning time, plus dedicating a day to cookie baking before Christmas celebrations begin.

Now, looking to the next year.  Any one want to Quilt A Long with me?  I was first inspired last year when a friend of mine joined a knit/crochet-a-long scarf that recorded the weather, well the daily temperatures, that is.  I even went so far as to mock up a quilt in EQ7. 
 But reality set in and with being pregnant and knowing I'd have a baby in July, I knew I wouldn't be able to keep up.  BUT, this year, starting Jan 1, I am determined to do it.  I've chosen my fabrics.
 14 colors of Fossil Fern fat quarters by Bernatex. (I bought a box of them last year)  This gets me a color for each 10 degrees from -29 degrees up to 110 degrees Farenheit.  There is a chance I'll have to add a color at the low end of the spectrum, but we'll wait to see if that happens.

My plan is very simply a 2.5" x 5.5" piece in the corresponding high temperature for the day.  I think there could be a myriad of variations on that.  For instance is we have record lows, a strip of a contrast could be added to the day's piece.  If we have a blizzard, a snowflake could be appliqued, or snow fabric could be used.  So many more possibilities.  Plus, everyone's quilt would be unique, based on where you live and your weather there, and your fabric choices.  If any southern hemisphere residents participated their colors might be opposite!

So is anyone interested in doing this with me?  If I get enough interest, I'll put together a proper plan and instructions and maybe even set up some linky parties and monthly goals.  Just leave me a comment if you think you'd be interested in something like this.  I'll be doing it anyway, so you can always just follow along.


Anonymous said...

A couple of questions:

1. If my calculations are correct based on what you have said and your mockup , this would end up being approximately 64 X 60 inches without borders. Am I correct?

2. I am guessing from your mockup, each row represents a month. Do you have a plan for the months without 31 days?

Interesting idea.

Cheri the Quilting Nanny said...

Hi Rachele. I love the Reindeer playing quilt! I was wondering...I look at the close up and you have several different FMQ/top stitching going on... like the bricks on the house and then the white snow next to it. What is your program for stopping and starting all the different stitches as far as hiding all the thread ends and the stops and starts due to the smaller areas of work space? I leave long ends and tie and thread them into the quilt with a needle when all done, but boy how time consuming! I was wondering if you have an alternate method? Thanks!

Maria R said...

Rachel, I love the weather quilt idea. I am always checking the weather and daily highs/lows. I would be interested in making this along with you. Seeing as I also live in Racine ours may look similar.


AmandaK@whatthebobbin said...

I absolutely love the weather quilt idea. I can't believe how booked up 2014 already is! I might be in to quilt along with a mini version. Thanks for the inspiration.