Wednesday, October 16, 2013

WIP Wednesday 10.16.13

A bit of progress this week.  Not as much as I would have liked, but we took an impromptu trip to the water park over Friday night and most of Saturday.  Then had church and friends over Sunday, so no weekend sewing for me.

Some quilting done on the pumpkin quilt.  The orange is done.
 Two ghost costumes 'made'.
 And some plans for my Four-in-art quilt.  Don't laugh, it took me a long time to get this far!

2 ghost costumes  DONE!
1 pair bat wings
Pumpkin Wall Hanging - BASTED, HALF QUILTED
Four-in-art Maps Mini - I HAVE A PLAN!
2 Disappearing 9-patches
Pieces cut for Log Cabin

Christmas Tree Kit
Teacher Gifts - 5 fabric baskets
3 Stockings  (2 for Mina, 1 for BIL)
Log Cabin Top Assembled

Log Cabin quilted & bound
Christmas wall hangings (x2)
Rainbow Quilt
Pearadise Quilt

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1 comment:

OPQuilt said...

You are farther than me on the art quilt!

Love the pumpkin quilt, and the ghost costume is my kind of Halloween costume! Couldn't you use some of those fabulous Renaisssance Faire costumes for Halloween, too? You are really amazing when it comes to those.

Glad you had a relaxing weekend--always a good idea in a busy family.