Wednesday, July 10, 2013

WIP Wednesday 7.10.13

The biggest WIP around here is still going on: Baby is still cooking.
On the project front: A few items going on.

 Are you tired of the owl yet?  He is all pieced, I must find him a background fabric today.  The above shot is the back with all the papers still in.

 I opened my big mouth at dinner on Monday and said "If I sew all week, we could probably go to Renaissance Faire this weekend." 
 So far: Two pairs of pants and one shirt are 90% done.  Wizard Robe is cut out.  The two pirate boys will be a mish mash of old and new parts.  And one fairy on the list.  Fortunately all Mr. Riley asked for was new pants. (and a cloak, but I think that's long term).  As for me, well, I've decided Saturday would be a delightful day for a baby - but I'm not counting on it.

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OPQuilt said...

That owl is fabulous! I've started working on mine, too.

No baby yet? I'll keep checking--that is a big WIP! And bravo for you for volunteering to make costumes -- you are amazing.


Mindy said...

Hahahaaa! But after all this work, wouldn't you be sad to miss out if baby came that day? ;-)

Looking forward to meeting Baby Riley!

Lynette said...

Your owl is fantastic! Love him. :) And wow - I'm in awe of you getting that much clothing sewing done so quickly while you're waiting for a baby to arrive - YOU GO!!! I love Renaissance faires.