Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hexagon Progress

 A family vacation shot.  Here we are the last morning on Cocoa Beach.  Technically the day that we started driving home.  Exhausted, sun burned, sandy, everyone was ready to be done.  That being said, Cocoa Beach was beautiful, the water was warm and clean.  We could watch the surfers, and the beach was literally out our door and down a path. We picked up bags of sea shells (still waiting to be washed and sorted) We also spent one day at Kennedy Space Center.  The boys were in love with the rockets and space ships!
 I mentioned that my only sewing project I was bringing was my hexagons.  I can do them in the car with out getting sick, so after our trip and one night of insomnia at home, I've got 175 more done!
That brings the total to 1,834!  That means only 166 (or so) to go!  I'm getting excited!


Janet said...

A pretty basket full of hexies!

thornberry said...

I love that family photo! So gorgeous (especially with the bump)

Judy H said...

Just started creating hexes myself as a take-along project and one I can do sitting in front of the TV. Can't wait until I have a collection like yours.