Monday, June 10, 2013

Quilts on Vacation

 Home.  It is good to be home. 
We arrived home last Wed evening after our epic 14 day trip.  Good times had by all, for sure.  I have hundreds of photos to go through, and I will definitely share some as we go along the next couple of weeks.

For now, as a way to get back into this blogging groove, a few quilts I found during our travels.
 This quilt is hanging in the remodeled visitor center to Smokey Mountain National Park.
 It was super hard to photograph because it was behind glass and over my head.  A beautiful quilt, full of meaning and symbolism related to the Smokeys.
 Naomi Davis was the creator of the quilt.
 I found a quilt at Disney!  This was in the Swiss Family Robinson's tree house!
 Also at the Smokey National Park museum, three quilts and some history of fabric making and quilting in the Appalachian region.
 Its good to be home.  I've already started cutting fabric for three new quilts!
Now to check my out of control reader.  Maybe I'll just mark all as read and start fresh!

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Regina said...

Welcome back. I kept thinking we would see a post that the baby was born along the route :)

I am always amazed at the places quilts pop up, can't wait to see more of your pics.