Thursday, May 9, 2013

Random Really Thursday 5.9.13

Whew.  Things are winding down around here.  In two weeks: school will be done, ballet will be done, and we will be in a car on our way to Kentucky!  Lots to squeeze in between now and then!

So, onto some shots of our week.

 Mr. Riley was trying some full moon shots.  Also caught a star and a contrail.
 Somebody thought playing in the charcoal was fun - and would scare mom.
 Found this guy on a chilly night on the front porch.  I swear it was 5-6 inches long!
 Invested in some new bird feeders this spring.  Its been fun.
 WP telling me how to put my new bird bath together.  He actually did it all himself!
 WD's new computer game addiction: Don't Starve.  The object of the game?  Don't Starve.
 Holding up a tree at the park.
 And this is an example of what I'm typically following to or from school these days.  Spring in Wisconsin!

Linking up with Cindy, as always.

And there are still a couple days for the Sew, Mama, Sew Giveaway Day.


Regina said...

My girls have started the end of the year countdown also. Another school year bites the dust!

I hope you post from the road. I am very interested in following a family with a mother that is 11 months pregnant on a roadtrip, hahaha.

Live a Colorful Life said...

Great randomness! I love the "holding up the tree" picture.

Sarah said...

SNAP! It's the same traffic on the roads of rural South Australia at the moment. All the farmers are seeding and spraying cereal crops. My Dad and brother are farmers, busy seeding barley, wheat, canola and peas.

SarahZ said...

Love all these! Kentucky is good!!! Have a fun, safe trip!