Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Mukwonago Crazy Quilters Show Part 2

 A few more quilts from the Show that caught my eye.

 Lots of work went into this one!  That's a lot of buttonhole stitch applique!  And great quilting.  Made by Joan Ledanski.

 A lovely little hand quilted wall hanging.
 Love the pattern on this one.  And the batiks.  This is a good someday quilt....

 Another gorgeous Lone Star.  Made by Kathle Boucher.
 Look!  Someone snuck in a modern quilt!
 This quilt was awarded the viewers choice award.  Very pretty and very traditional (mostly). 

Like I said yesterday, it was a very nice show.  Not pretentious at all.  I actually entered four quilts, mostly because I thought it would be fun, and I was curious to see what the judges would have to say.  I got some really nice comments, and nothing that I didn't agree with, and nothing that made me cry!

If you have local quilt shows, I would highly encourage you to enter quilts.  After all, there is no show if there are no quilts.  And even if you don't aspire to be a nationally known quilter, it is always nice to get a neutral opinion and suggestions on how to improve your quilting.   Our own Lighthouse Guild Show is coming up in September!

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OPQuilt said...

How did I not make the connection between where you live and Sturtevant? And the Lighthouse Quilters?? I lived in Racine for a while (don't know if I told you) and when I went to grad school, and had to write a novel for my project, I set the character in Racine and had her go to a quilt guild. I used the Lighthouse Quilters as template for my fictional guild, so imagine how surprised I am to see it here! Wow, the world is so connected.

I loved going to the quilt show with you. Now I'm going to go see the post before this.

:) Elizabeth E.