Monday, April 8, 2013

Mukwonago Crazy Quilters Annual Quilt Show Part 1

 This pas weekend was the Mukwonago Crazy Quilters Guild Show.  They do a yearly show and it is quite nice.  A very wide range of quilting styles and abilities.  I really appreciate this kind of show where there is a place for everyone to show their quilts!
 So the most exciting thing for me was getting an honorable mention for my Ombre Quilt!  I brought E with me, as soon as we walked in she ran around to find my quilts and check for ribbons.

I'm going to start with quilts from members of my guild. 
 Beautiful Flower pillow from Carolyn Hechel
 Harry Potter Quilt by Marie P. Raymond
 Scrappy Star Miniature by Sandra Kruppstedt
 Another by Marie P. Raymond

 Cindy Garcia.  She has some amazing (big show worthy quilts)  Check out her personal website Here.

The following are just some quilts that caught my eye. 
This one won a judges choice.  The print was created on Spoonflower.  It is based on Milwaukee.  Quilt by Barbara Mars of Milwaukee

Very traditional quilt with amazing machine quilting.  By Cindy Behrens.
This was Best In Show.  Baltimore Recollections by Rita Maclona.
 Hand Quilted Winner by Nancy Grenewald

 This quilt was made with 500 different neckties along with some bridesmaid dress pieces.  So glad to see it got a judges choice ribbon.  These are the quilts with stories!

 My daughter is in love with this one.  I actually have the book with the pattern, I'm encouraging her to make it for our own guild show in September.
 A Frank Lloyd Wright design.  Very striking as a quilt.
 Another judges choice winner.

 Hexies!  Because I love hexies.
 This quilt was made by Maeng O'Keefe.  A civil war scrappy quilt (second place)  I couldn't get far enough away for a complete shot.  I think it is queen size.  Just lovely.
 A fun, simple, yet striking design with squares and half square triangles.  Country Charm by Sharon Berger.
 I feel like a good Lone Star quilt is quite an accomplishment.  I like the more modern applique on this one.
 Really appreciate the originality on this one!  The time to figure out all the placement for the illusion.  And in such simple greys. 
 Nancy Gruenewald.  I think I am drawn to these applique quilts because I know I will never do one!  Hah!
 Elizabeth, this one is for you!  Lollypop Tree by Mary Althaus.

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OPQuilt said...

Yay! to see your quilt at the top of the post. You said you entered in four--let's see the others! I do love that Ombre quilt--you did a lovely job on it.

And thanks for showing me the lollies! I noticed that she also cut it down from sixteen blocks to twelve, just like I did. But hers is finished, and mine is still hanging up on a skirt hanger in the guest room closet. Guess I'll add that to my list of things to finish. It may take me years!

Elizabeth E.