Monday, March 4, 2013

Wrapping up February

And looking towards March

Well, it looks like I got four finishes out of the short Month of February.  One per week doesn't seem so bad, I've also got a bunch of tops in various stages of completion.  I'll save those for Wip Wed.

Looking forward for this month.   
Things that HAVE to get finished: My next Four-In-Art Quilt.  Theme: Fire.  I know exactly what I'm going to do.  I just need to sit down and do it.

WANT to finish: Crazy Cat top and E's Fairy Tops.  Everything else is bonus.

 I also (finally) created my 2013 Quilt Finishes Page.  You can find it at the top of the blog - or go here.

Looks like some of my other pages could use some updating as well, but that's going to have to be another day, my allotted blog time is about up!


Lily's Quilts

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Just Sew Sue said...

You've been busy in February and March looks busy too.