Monday, November 22, 2010


1. Did you know that yesterday was the first Sunday of Advent?  I totally missed that one.  Didn't realize it until I saw my daughters activity page from church.  It must be the fact that Thanksgiving hasn't happened yet. 

2. I made Paula Deen's Pumpkin Cheesecake recipe this weekend.  I have no pictures - it was very good.  Totally worth making.  A nice mix: a light cheesecake, but a rich pumpkin pie.

3. I don't know that I'll have anything 'crafty' to show this week.  Most of my energy is going toward the 'Cup of Christmas Tea' at church.  And also cleaning/getting ready for Thanksgiving.  It is now going to be more or less at my house (actually downstairs at my in-laws - I'll have to explain that relationship sometime).  I'm the pie maker.  So I'll have at least 4 pies to make. 

4. On a family note, Wesley has been moved into a 'big boy bed'.  That would be a mattress and box spring on the floor.  We are pretty much down to him only getting out of bed once a night.  The baby really needs to move into the crib, he's outgrowing the cradle he's been in for a few months, and I think Ellie would like her room back.  So soon, all three boys will be in one room. 

5.  Since this is a week of Thanksgiving - thanks to all of you who stop by to read my little blog and also to those who leave comments.  I'm not great about replying to them, but I do love to read them.

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Ethan and Moriah said...

Since you love to read comments, I'll leave one! We should never have talked about Wesley getting out of bed. :o) Since our conversation both boys have been pushing the limits! I think Theodore got out about 10 times during naptime today before he finally sacked out. Last night, the boys were up until 10 getting in and out of bed! UGH! Let's hope it doesn't continue! Oh, the adventures...