Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Indian Headbands

There once was a rooster named Wilson.  He was not a very nice rooster, but he had some beautiful tail feathers.

So I admit that this was not a recent project (you can tell by the summer haircuts and Silas' age), but it seemed somewhat appropriate for Thanksgiving.

A more recent picture of the littlest Indian (today, in fact)

It was a super simple thing to put together.  I backed some muslin strips with fusible web and had the kids color what they wanted.  Crayons worked fine.  I folded them in half, stuck the feathers in and ironed.  I did finish the edges to catch the feathers in the stitching.  If you do, be careful.  I broke two needles on the thick part of the feather, you may want to just skip over that part.  Add a little Velcro on the ends - and headbands for my little Indians.

My most mischievous Indian

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Gloria said...

What a beautiful family you have. Love the head dressings.