Thursday, November 7, 2019

Really Random Thursday 11.7.19

At my guild's October meeting I did a short presentation on English Paper Piecing.  I made some larger than life examples to be passed around. 
 Since I pulled out all of my EPP projects to get ready for the presentation, I pulled out this one that I haven't looked at in ages.  Those are 1/2 inch hexies.   I think I'm going to finish it.
Also during the last weekend of October, I helped throw a bridal shower for my step sister, who's getting married in February.   Fall themed, with some "gem" accents.  Gem is the color of the bridesmaids dresses.  (its been forever since I've been in a wedding).
These were the favors I put together for the adult guests.  Yes, its my own honey.
The younger guests got some combination of bubbles, scrunchies, fuzzy socks, chap stick, and sparkly washi tape.

 This is my sister with her fun ribbon bouquet, which we (by which I mean ME) are obviously saving for the rehearsal dinner.
Most of the bridesmaids with the bride to be.

 and speaking of scrunchies, since this is random day.  I made 14 scrunchies for the girls a while back.   Mostly I think Mini just hoards them.


Needled Mom said...

That will be a pretty wedding with those colors. I must be out of the loop, but what color is "gem"?

Fun scrunchies too.

Marge Martin said...

The 1/2 inch hexie is cute. Oh scrunchies. I made tons of those when my girls were young. They must be back in style.